In The Political Imperative, author Norm Mason asserts that as Christians, our participation in the political process is not an option that we are free to accept or reject, but a biblical mandate.

Mason’s book shows how civil government, which was established by God, has a critical role and purpose related to Jesus’ most fundamental work.

Once recognized, this realization leads Christian believers to become what Mason calls Great Commission Citizens.

The responsibility to become a Great Commission Citizen, Mason notes, is little understood, mostly ignored, and, sometimes even rejected with hostility.

Putting aside any pre-conceived views that may come to mind concerning Christians and politics, The Political Imperative establishes a unique but specifically biblical basis for Christian political participation, calling it an assignment from God - an imperative with no excuses allowed.

Christian political involvement has sometimes been controversial. This book is all about resolving the topic for those who view the Bible with a high degree of authority, in a helpful and encouraging manner, but with conviction.

This new insight will both stir the coals of political duty and issue a call to Christians to engage public policy, civil government, and the political process from this fundamentally new and distinctively biblical view.

The Political Imperative is sound doctrine on a critical issue for our times.