The Political Imperative: An Assignment from God

Fundamentally New - Distinctly Biblical


When God's people respond to God's call based on God's Word to engage one of God's ordained institutions bringing it into conformance with God's design so it can achieve God's purpose, then transformation begins.

God is present in His creation of government awaiting His people to join Him there.


Discover your mission in The Political Imperative.



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A "Clean Slate" Look at a Controversial Topic


In The Political Imperative, author Norm Mason asserts that as Christians, our participation in the political process is not an option that we are free to accept or reject, but a biblical mandate.

Mason’s book shows how government, which was established by God, has a critical role and purpose related to Jesus’ most fundamental work.  


Putting aside any pre-conceived views that may come to mind concerning Christians and politics, The Political Imperative establishes a unique but specifically biblical basis for Christian political participation, calling it an assignment from God - and an imperative with no excuses allowed. 


Christian political involvement has sometimes been controversial. This book is all about resolving the topic for those who view the Bible with a high degree of authority, in a helpful and encouraging manner, but with conviction.


Find Out for Yourself

  • Was Jesus political? Does the Bible require, permit, or restrict Christian political involvement? Where can we find that in the Bible?
  • What is the biblical role of civil government? What is the biblical purpose of civil government? What is the difference? Does it matter?
  • How do we, in violation of scripture, sometimes wrongly put God’s reputation on the line in politics in an unexpected way leading to our own poitical defeat?
  • Can you scripturally counter the common objections to Christian political involvement?
  • Has God blessed America? What is the blessing? Can we lose it? Have we lost it? How can we know?
  • What actually is a Christian’s political imperative and what specifically is the assignment from God? What is the goal of Christian political involvement?   


Extensive and Definitive: many, many more key topics discussed and questions answered in this important book.



If the foundations be destroyed . .

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)


As Christians, are we doing all that we should in the political arena? Or, do we believe that political involvement has no place in the church or even our Christian walk? 


In The Political Imperative: An Assignment from God, author Norm Mason challenges and encourages readers to consider political activism from a new biblical perspective. 


Christians seeking to better understand God's role for them in the political process will find this an especially challenging and motivational read.


Building Block or Stumbling Block?


What happens when a foundational building block for God’s plan becomes a stumbling block to God’s people?   


One of the foundational building blocks for God’s plan is civil government. God purposefully established government.


But to ensure the proper functioning of civil government, fulfilling God’s role and purpose, Christians must be active in this area, appropriately bringing biblical principles and Judeo-Christian values to bear. Some Christians are especially called to be highly active. 


It is the role of the Christian community, the Church, to teach and train God’s people to find and fulfill God’s calling for them in this area, or any area to which Christians are called.


Because of misinformation, disinformation or lack of solid biblical analysis it is a stumbling block for many Christians, ministers and laity alike, to acknowledge that there is a Christian obligation to be directly involved in anything that appears to be even remotely associated with anything political. 


Thus, one of the key foundational building blocks of God’s plan (civil government) falls into disrepair and disrepute and subsequently, Christians, the country, and the cause of Christ suffer. 


Perhaps one reason more Christians aren’t politically active is that most don’t consider activism essential to their Christian walk. Most assuredly, they have never encountered an in-depth scriptural analysis that clearly establishes this mandate as does The Political Imperative.


On the other hand, from this book it will also be seen that scripturally based Christian activism, in addition to concern about vital social issues and a general distress regarding the direction of the country, is foremost rooted in something very pointedly doctrinal.


What should we believe about the role of Christians and the church in politics? Through The Political Imperative, all of this is sorted out with clarity and certainty. Even though right now some may feel they have to watch their step regarding this topic, no one will be stumbling over this issue after they have finished reading the book.


Sound Doctrine!


Highly readable and straight to the point, The Political Imperative: An Assignment from God directly takes on the topic of Christian political activism, deriving its analysis entirely from the Bible, employing both Old Testament and New Testament scriptures with no other filters.


Discover now what you can only find in this engaging and on-target analysis.


The Political Imperative is sound biblical doctrine speaking clearly to a critical issue for our times.




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