The Political Imperative

An Assignment From God


Table of Contents




Opening Volley

I: The Political Imperative



Call to Order

The Big Three

Christ and the Great Commission

Authority and Empowerment

You Can Hide, But You Can’t Run

Christian Duty and Assignments from God


II: The Great Commission Citizen

The Biblical Role of Civil Government

Harmony Versus Hostility

Legislating Propriety

God’s Purpose for Civil Government.

Precept and Example

Getting It Right

Early American Precedent

The Challenge Continues

The Three Legged Stool

Our Personal Imperative

All Aboard


III: The Missions Model

Your Way Works Best

Four Blocks to Success

Political Parties

No Invitation Necessary

The Push to Call


IV: Objections and Reservations (Answered)

(1) Historically the church has not emphasized political/civic involvement.

(2) We can’t save the world through legislation.

(3) Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world.

(4) Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

(5) I vote. Get off my case.

(6) Separation of church and state is a biblical principle.

(7) Politics is seedy, worldly, and basically not for Christians.


V: God Bless America

Provision and Appropriation

Reject, Relinquish, Remove

The Blessing: What or Who

Unclogging the Conduit


VI: Cautions and Encouragements

The Greater Sin

The Gates of Hell

Thou Shall Not Temp the Lord thy God

If My People

So Close, Yet So Far



VII: Inexorably Interconnected

Politically Interconnected

Theologically Interconnected

Culturally Interconnected

Financially Interconnected

Depart In Peace, Be Ye Warmed and Filled


VIII: Good Guys Finish First

Spiritualizing Our Losses

Farm Team Faithfulness

Numbers 101

The Biblically Eligible Candidate

The Pardonable Sin

Many Campaign Few Are Chosen

The Ultimate Political Alliance

There Should Our Money Be Also

Whose Job Is It Anyway


IX: Bringing It All Home

Churches May (Or Not)

It Is Ministry


X: Conclusion

Created For Eternity

And Having Done All – Stand

Here Am I. Send Me






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